Career. Eltechnika
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We offer a high diversity of opportunities both to those who start their career and experienced specialists.

JSC "PO Eltechnika" aims at leadership in its market segment with the motto "being the best in whatever we do” representing the cornerstone of the company strategy.

Recent graduates

We are interested in young ambitious specialists. That is why we welcome graduates from industry-specific colleges and higher educational institutions.
The Company offers to upperclassmen of educational establishments the opportunity to do an internship with it or to combine work with study in higher educational institutions.
We have developed a system for personnel training and development that ensures their occupational advancement and creates opportunities for career progression.

Seasoned professionals

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of those who join us our Company keeps going forward.
We welcome experienced professionals to our Company. Send us your resume, if you wish to discover new opportunities for yourself or open a new chapter in your career!

Send your resume to the address if you are interested in working with JSC "PO Eltechnika". The HR Department will be sure to consider your resume.