Shutter Assembly
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Shutter Assembly

Shutter assemblyis installed in complete switchgear cabinets and is designed for protection of the attending personnel against contact with live parts of the main circuit fixed contacts installed in bushings.

Shutter assemblies are available in four versions depending on the cubicle rated currents:

  • 630A to 1,250A;
  • 1,600A;
  • 2,000A;
  • 2,500A, 3,150A.

The shutter assembly made by JSC «PO Eltechnika» features the following advantages:

  • The shutter assembly shutters are made of galvanized steel to prevent surface currents;
  • The shutters automatically block the access to the fixed contacts when the draw-out element leaves its operating position;
  • The shutters can be locked with a padlock to provide safe maintenance of the complete switchgear.