Vacuum circuit-breakers series VM up to 12kV
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Vacuum circuit-breakers series VM up to 12kV

Vacuum circuit-breaker series VM up to 12kV with a permanent magnetic mechanism is the result of Eltechnika’s long independent research and development process in the field of the magnetic actuator.


Simple structure, high mechanical endurance, maintenance-free and a set of options to order make it possible to install the circuit-breaker into the compact panel, metal-clad switchgear and use it for retrofit projects or in the recloser.



The circuit-breaker has been designed for operation in the three-phase AC electrical grids up to 12kV with neutral or isolated through an arc suppression reactor or resistor.

The compact dimension and weight of the circuit-breaker allow using it in either the compact panel with any special orientation or the withdrawable part of the metal-clad switchgear, i.e. in the panels being produced nowadays, but also by replacing the out of date circuit-breakers (retrofit) and using them as switching devices in the recloser or other equipment distributing electric power up to 12kV.

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