Solid-insulated compact panels КРУ-Т
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Solid-insulated compact panels КРУ-Т

Solid-insulated compact panels КРУ-Т are designed to be used in public and industrial energy systems of the secondary distribution up to 12KV.


It has a modular design allowing to line panels up manufacturing an RMU equivalent, inter alia adopted for Smart Grid duties and, on the other hand, easy customisation of the switchboard and its extension upon customer request with the required quantity of feeders and chosen protection relay terminals as well.


Personnel safety is brought about by logical mechanical interlocks preventing maloperation and also by SF6-free combined switching device having a clean air as an insulation medium. As a result, an owner does not have to incur the extra costs involving in the following procedures:

- Periodic inspections and maintaining the required insulation level of SF6 gas.

- Avoid additional safety measures when compact panels КРУ-Т are used in a public location, such as residential areas and shopping centres.

- Low end of life disposal cost. This eliminates also worries about future regulations.

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