"Volga" - metal-clad switchgear 10,20,35 kV
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"Volga" - metal-clad switchgear 10,20,35 kV

The Volga metal-clad switchgear is designed for distribution of 6 kV (12 kV) three-phase a.c. electric power in networks with isolated- or impedance-grounded neutral.

The Volga metal-clad switchgear can be used both on the primary and secondary electric power distribution levels. The switchgear is a good choice for utility and network companies, industrial enterprises and infrastructure facilities.

Advantages of Volga metal-clad switchgear:

  • Aluminum enclosure with galvalume coating is divided into functional compartments with separate channels for bleeding excessive pressure to provide protection of the personnel against internal arc short-circuits.
  • Operating safety of Volga metal-clad switchgears is provided by a system of integrated interlocks complying with the relevant Russian and international standards.
  • Simple installation and adjustment due to the easy access to the cables and bus bay fastening locations.
  • High reliability of the structure and equipment included into the Volga metal-clad switchgear minimizes the repair and maintenance costs.
  • Auxiliary circuit wiring laid in metal conduits provides its protection and high noise immunity.
  • Wide range of domestic and foreign-made power circuit breakers used in the switchgears provides great flexibility of possible technical solutions.
  • Inspection windows and LED lighting devices that do not require replacement during the whole service life provide easy visual inspection of the switchgear inner space.
  • Use of transformers with flexible leads of the secondary winding makes unnecessary tightening of screw connections.