Career. Eltechnika FAQ
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1. What must a student to do to have an internship with the Company in the spring-summer period?

Work placement and internship for higher education institution students in the spring-summer period is scheduled at the beginning of each year. Please send your resume at the address before April 30.

2. Good afternoon, I would like to ask a question concerning recruitment opportunities at JSC «PO Eltechnika» for those who live in other cities. What are the priority criteria in selection for you?

It is critical to underscore that people from various cities are employed at JSC «PO Eltechnika». You can send your resume to and we will be sure to consider it.
The priority criteria in selection at the Company include personal characteristics of each candidate and his (her) professional skills.

3. Please tell whether you take on personnel from other regions and whether you use age limits for candidates.

We take on personnel from various regions of the Russian Federation. Age can not be the ground for refusal during consideration a candidate. Send your resume at the address if you are interested in our vacancies..

4. Can I send my resume for several vacancies simultaneously?

Yes. You can send a single resume but indicate several vacancies you are interested in, or adjust your resume in accordance with various vacancies and highlight knowledge and skills that are most important for the specific vacancy.

5. Can I combine work with study at a higher education institution or postgraduate center?

Yes. We are interested in continuous inflow of young promising specialists. We are actively engaging new talents and are ready to facilitate the career and personal development of students and graduates from higher education institutions.