IPR - microprocessor protection relays
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IPR - microprocessor protection relays

The IPR microprocessor protection relays are designed for performing the functions of relay protection, control of high-voltage feeder circuit-breakers, and generation of alarm signals for bays of 6 kV-35 kV transformers, networks, cables, motors.

The unit is designed for installation in relay compartments of MV panels, complete switchgears, relay protection cabinets, and electric plant and substation control panels.

The unit is a modern digital protection, control and emergency shutdown device that represents a combined multi-function unit integrating various protection, monitoring, control, and alarm functions.

IPR protection types:

  • Phase-to-phase fault current cutoff
  • Three-phase phase-to-phase fault overcurrent protection
  • Single-phase earth fault current cutoff
  • Earth fault overcurrent protection
  • Alarm operating earth fault protection

Beside protection functions, the IPR unit has the following capabilities:

  • Storage of log data for operating modes;
  • Emergency and event recording;
  • Automatic internal diagnosis, which virtually prevents any failure or false tripping of protection systems;
  • Possible remote control of switching apparatus through local networks;
  • The unit can be integrated in the SСADA system. Control and monitoring is performed via the local network through RS 485 serial interface under MODBUS RTU protocol.