Eltechnika-PU Dispatching System
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Eltechnika-PU Dispatching System

The Eltechnika-PU dispatching system allows the Client to set up the following automated workstations: relay protection and substation automation engineer’s workstation, control engineer automated workstation, and electric power technical record-keeping workstation, which enable the attending personnel to monitor various processes running in remote power facilities.

The Eltechnika-PU dispatching system is designed for the following tasks:

  • Management of various access groups to information received from the Eltechnika-KP telemechanics system by entering operator's identification data, as certain set of actions should only be performed by the authorized personnel.
  • Information display on the screen in the form convenient to the operator (video frames with substation mnemonics, color and sound alarming, operational message mimic diagram board, event tables etc.);
  • Generation of report forms designed for metering and recording the current process running in the power facility and for electric power technical record-keeping in the form of MS Excel files, using templates previously agreed upon with the Client.

The dispatching system enables the Client to:

  • Carry out primary analysis of operation of digital protection systems and adjustment of digital protection system setpoints on a real-time basis without having to visit a remote power facility;
  • Record actions of the operating personnel of the duty shift;
  • Reduce the time required for fault localization and removal, as the better part of fault localization is connected to the software which does not require considerable human resources and use of additional equipment;
  • "Draw nearer" the attending personnel to the power facility;
  • Provide better work conditions for the attending personnel;
  • Enhance the quality of servicing the power facility: continuous monitoring of various network signals and parameters together with the power equipment diagnostics system allows the Client to plan maintenance according to need rather than to carry out regularly.

Please contact at the telephone number +7 (812) 329-97-97 or e-mail address info@elteh.ru (sales department) to order the demo version of the software.