"Onega" - MV panels 10,20 kV
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"Onega" - MV panels 10,20 kV

Onega KSO-6(12),20-E2 single-side access cubicles

The Onega KSO-6(12),20-E2 single-side access cubicles are designed for completing 6 kV, 12 kV or 20kV / 50 Hz three-phase a.c. switchgears for isolated-neutral or impedance-grounded neutral networks.

Advantages of Onega single-side access cubicle:

  • The small cubicle dimensions considerably reduce costs for building premises for new high-voltage switchgears and enable easy retrofitting of existing high-voltage switchgears without increasing the premise space.
  • The high reliability of equipment included in the single-side access cubicle minimizes the repair and maintenance costs.
  • The operating safety of single-side access cubicles is provided by a system of integrated interlocks and arc flash protection devices that comply with the requirements of Russian standards.
  • The SF6 gas-insulated vacuum power circuit breakers and switching devices completely prevent occurrence of an open electric arc in the single-side access cubicle inner space.
  • The simple installation and adjustment is provided thanks to the easy access to the cubicle, cable and bus bay fastening locations.
  • The wide choice of Onega single-side access cubicle circuitry options provides a freedom in choosing technical solutions for any particular facility (Client).
  • The modern microprocessor-based relay protection units enable integration of a switchgear in automatic systems for commercial measurement of power consumption.